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28 May 2013

~Flowers & Lace~ *Vintage Inspiration* {Gold Coast Wedding Photographer}

If you love lace and can't do without gorgeous flowers...WELCOME TO INSPIRATION HEAVEN! {echo, echo, echo} Ok, I didn't mean to yell but I'm excited to share this with you. Check out these fabulous dresses from Grace Bridal...they are beautiful, full of lace and vintage yumminess. And can you even take your eyes off of the delicate & elegant flowers & head circlet by Julia Rose? Add in this classic beauty with makeup by Kylie Eustace and...voila!!

Amazing Team:
Flowers & Styling - Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose
Dresses - Grace Bridal
Hair & Makeup - Kylie Eustace
Model - April Harvey

xo Martinia

02 May 2013

*What to look for in your Wedding Photographer!* ~ Gold Coast Wedding Photographer


What to look for in your wedding photographer!

Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming…I know, I planned my own wedding (almost single handedly). There are tons of beautiful details that you want to get just right. The venue, the flowers, the rings, the ceremony, the reception and of course, THE DRESS. Take it from me, you will want every single detail that you planned to perfection…captured. Your wedding day will whiz by in a flash. When all the dust settles, the up-dos come down and all guests go home…you will rely on the memories captured by your wedding photographer.

When choosing this "super human" in charge of archiving one of the most important days of your life, here are a few things to look for:

~    Make sure they are a wedding photographer. That might sound silly, but wedding photography includes many different skills that maybe haven’t been sharpened by a studio portrait, landscape, student or amateur photographer.

~    View a wide range of their images, either online or in person. From bridal prep and small details to ceremony, bride & groom portraits and candids. Anyone can take one or two great shots and put those forward for you to see. A great photographer has it all!

~    Ask for a price list not just a quote. You don’t want to be charged more just because of your suburb, the pretty car you drive or the gorgeous ring on your finger. Also, don’t choose your photographer purely because of price. Remember the old phrase, “you get what you pay for”. Please don’t leave your one and only wedding day to a student or amateur photographer…you WILL be disappointed.

~    Meet with your photographer and make sure you like them and feel comfortable with them. After all, they will hopefully be nearby while you experience all your special moments of the day.

~    Convey to your photographer exactly how you envision your dream wedding. Do they share your vision? Find out their style (traditional, candid, photo-journalism or a mixture).

~    Verify if they have backup equipment including cameras, batteries, etc. There are no re-dos and do-overs on this day.

~    Do they respond promptly to your queries, emails or phone calls? This might sound petty but you don’t want to be kept in the dark or wondering about anything, in respect to your special day.  A great wedding photographer makes your day EASIER... not harder.

~    What is their payment policy? How much will you need to hand over to secure your wedding date? And can you make payments via direct debit, cheque or credit card or even a Payment Plan?

~    Find out exactly how soon you can expect to view your images. At Life, Love & Light Images you will see a sneak peek within days of the wedding and your album planning/image viewing session is about 2 weeks after.

~    Can your friends and family easily order prints directly? At Life, Love & Light Images you will have a private online gallery with a password that you can share with friends and family. And as an added bonus, they can order prints and canvases directly through the online gallery. Simple!

~    Does your photographer offer professional photographic prints, albums, enlargements, canvases, thank you cards and other display options? If so, find out the costs so you can budget for those special items.

Ok, I think I’ve given you enough to ponder when choosing your wedding day photographer. Just a quick reminder, your wedding photographer will be an integral part of one of the most important days of your life, (sometimes even getting you a glass of water or helping you with your dress) so make sure you choose someone that has a relaxed and friendly personality and most of all, you feel comfortable with.

Enjoy your day!
Martinia xoxo